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Neptune Mastering offers professional audio mastering services to enhance your music’s sound quality. Whether you’re a music producer, musician or label, trust us to bring your music to life. With access to some of the finest digital and analogue audio equipment available, the studio’s signal path features 192kHz, 32-bit digital capability, along with a meticulously selected analog chain of modified and maintained high-end equipment meaning that your final product will be as carefully scrutinized as our desire to provide you with the very best. The studio also offers top-tier noise reduction/restoration services, utilizing some of the finest tools available today. 


Why Choose Neptune Mastering?

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality audio mastering services to enhance the sound of your music. We understand that music is more than sound. It’s an art form that deserves to be heard in its best light.

With over 20 years of music industry experience, enable us to recognize details in your music and focus on making your audio sound better, with a personal touch to be sure the results match your expectations and style for your music. We work with music producers, musicians, and labels, providing personalized and professional audio mastering services. Whether you’re looking to improve your sound quality, achieve a specific sound, or make your music stand out, we are here to help.

With today’s digital music market, many producers or labels may not see the need for mastering or opt into a DIY approach with presets or AI tools. However, they forget or underestimate the value a good mastering can bring to a release. Mastering engineers will have a fresh, unbiased ear, equipment, experience and facility to focus on the tiniest details. Contact us today and let Neptune Mastering make your audio better!


Equipment, Gear & Plugins


Services We Provide

Neptune Mastering specializes in audio mastering, stem mastering, mixing, post-production, audio restoration, studio design and consulting. We love all aspects of sound and catering to independent productions paying special attention to client experience and trustworthiness.

See what we can do for you to make your audio sound better.


Neptune Mastering is a professional mastering studio located in Berlin, Germany. We specialize in providing high-fidelity music mastering services to local and remote artists. In addition, we also offer full album CD mastering or master lacquer disc cutting. Our studio design, excellent mastering equipment, and experience allow us to provide outstanding audio mastering services at affordable rates.

Stem Mastering

Individual audio tracks are grouped together to allow for independent control and signal processing of each stem and can be manipulated independently from each other. Stem Mastering should only be used if there are serious problems in the final mix. Preferably you would fix these types of problems during mixdowns. If you can not go back and redo your mix Stem Mastering is the way to go.


Audio mixing skills take years to hone which can be frustratingly difficult when first starting to produce. Sometimes stereo or stem mastering is not enough to reach the outcome desired. This professional mixing service will transform your song into a tight, punchy, well-balanced, fat mix with the correct stereo width that lets all your hard work shine through.

Lacquer Disc Cutting

Lacquer cutting is the process of transforming an audio recording into physically cut grooves on the surface of a lacquer disc via a machine called a lathe. This cut lacquer is used as the master in the electroplating process to create stampers which are then used to press your album. So if you appreciate our special sound but want to handle your pressing yourself, we will be happy to take over the lacquer cut for your production.

Design & Consulting

We offer acoustic measurements, consultancy, custom design studio and home cinema rooms that are tailor-made to fit your setup and acoustic needs.

  • Reduce Room Modes
  • RT Frequency Analysis
  • Open & Neutral Sound


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From Start To Finish

Select Service

Select the package you want from our Order Section. If you need a physical copy of your mastered work sent to you, please restart the process & let us know your order number in the message box in Step 2.
Step 1

Tell Us Your Needs

Complete the checkout form with all the necessary information about you and your music with an easy to fill out order form, filled with the most common requests. You can also include a rush service, any special notes or conditions as well.
Step 2

Secure Payment

Pay with PayPal or your Credit Card. PayPal & Stripe provide a constant level of security to ensure your money stays safe.
Step 3

Send Your Music

Upload your file. After you’ve checked out, you’ll be given a link to securely upload your ZIP or RAR files to us. Archived files add an extra layer of security to ensure that your audio files are free of any data corruption.
Step 4

Tailored Feedback

We’ll be in contact as soon as possible with either a download link for your mastered files or some correspondence to help make your song better before we begin to work our magic. Our objective is to make your music sound better. We’ll work closely with you to make sure that’s possible.
Step 5

Get Your Music

Download your music, from the download link we provide in our emails to you. If you are not satisfied with the result, let us know right away and we'll make every effort to deliver the best results.
Step 6

Need It Your Way?

Of course, some businesses and labels are set up differently or have longer-term projects in mind. We are more than able to meet that task.Send us a message telling us what you need and how you need it from our contact section below, and we'll do our best to ensure we can get the results you need in the best way for you.
Your Way


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Digital Mastering

Fast! In The Box
50 Per Song
  • Quick Turnaround
  • In The Box Precision
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 2-5 Business Days

Hybrid Mastering

Best of Analogue & Digital
75 Per Song
  • Analogue Mastering
  • Digital Precision
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 3-5 Business Days

Stem Mastering

Greater Control in Mastering
250 Up to 8 Stems
  • Analogue Warmth
  • Digital Precision
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 3-7 Business Days

Disc Cutting

Master Lacquer Cutting
Var. Contact for Details
  • Analogue Warmth
  • 12" or 10" Lacquers
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 5-15 Business Days

Podcast Mastering

Get Broadcast Quality Streams
75 Per Mix
  • Broadcast Compliant
  • Add Clarity & Warmth
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 2-5 Business Days

Mixdown Service

Have Us Mix Your Music
275 Per Song
  • Analogue Warmth
  • Digital Precision
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 3-7 Business Days

Mix & Master

Have Us Mix & Master Your Music
300 Per Song
  • Analogue Warmth
  • Digital Precision
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 3-7 Business Days

Audio Restoration

Give New Life in Old Recordings
150 Per Song
  • Specialised Software
  • Removed Noise
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 2-7 Business Days

Mix Advice

Get Feedback to Your Music
30 Per Song
  • Mixing Advice
  • Credit Voucher Given
  • Constructive Feedback
  • 1-3 Business Days

Studio Credit

Give the Gift of a Voucher
X Any Amount
  • Credit Voucher
  • Direct to Any Email
  • Makes for a Great Gift
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


Upload Your Files To Us

You can send your labeled ZIP or RAR file using our link
This can take a few moments depending on your internet connection or use any other file transfer service you wish to send us your music.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch through email or the contact section below.


We are happy to hear from you & always ready to talk about music

With over 20 years of music industry experience, enables us to recognize essential details in your music and focus on making your audio sound better, as well as adding that personal touch to make sure the results match your expectations & style for your music.


    Past Projects & Sample Work

    An ever-growing list of projects completed at Neptune Mastering.  Links, artwork and examples are updated as they are available.
    You can also visit our page on Discogs or on MasteringCredits, which are continuously being updated.

    Selected Works
    Read More
    1. In Concrete Form (Mastered) Decka 2:08
    2. In Concrete Form (Unmastered) Decka 2:08
    3. Self Evasiveness (Master) Decka 2:24
    4. Self Evasiveness (Unmastered) Decka 2:23
    5. Ghost Train (Mastered) Miss Djax 1:08
    6. Ghost Train (Unmastered) Miss Djax 1:07
    Read More
    1. Tomorrow (Mastered) Dj Shine Feat. Kendal Thompson 1:45
    2. Tomorrow (Unmastered) Dj Shine Feat. Kendal Thompson 1:46
    3. Very Deep (Mastered) Dmitry Elizarov 1:21
    4. Very Deep (Unmastered) Dmitry Elizarov 1:21
    Read More
    1. Giridhari Gopal (Mastered) Sati Ethnica 1:45
    2. Giridhari Gopal (Unmastered) Sati Ethnica 1:45
    3. Raspberry (Mastered) Dasha Luks ft. Belozerov & Voronov 1:36
    4. Raspberry (Unmastered) Dasha Luks ft. Belozerov & Voronov 1:36
    5. Hey Girl (Mastered) Alex Pash 1:23
    6. Hey Girl (Unmastered) Alex Pash 1:23

    All songs are level matched

    Client Discography


    Frequently Asked Questions & Tips


    The final process in preparing music for release is mastering


    Mastering with more control of the mix balance


    Mixing your music with the best tools possible

    Lacquer Cutting

    Getting your music on vinyl


    Getting your music ready for mastering

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